Top 6 Companies to Get Your Cleaning Business Uniforms

Having uniforms for your cleaning business helps to build your brand. Building brand identity is important as you continue to grow your business. The object of brand identity is to get people to recognize your business just by how your employees present themselves. For example, if the name of your cleaning business is Mean Green Cleaning … Read more

Pros and Cons of Cleaning Condos

This article is designed to help a cleaning business gather as much knowledge as possible about future clientele and how to get the attention you need. Cleaning businesses have so much to offer to any community, but if we want to get specific and choose the right clientele to nourish a cleaning business, one may … Read more

Cleaning Business Checklist

When you start any business, there is a set procedure to follow so you can be sure you are opening your business legally. Opening a new business is exciting, but it comes with important tasks and responsibilities to be done. To start a cleaning business, follow this checklist: Write the business plan. Finance the business. … Read more