What Is Special Cleaning In Housekeeping?

The world is a dirty place. Fortunately, we have cleaning services that make it a brighter, cleaner place to live. There are several types of cleaning services, and they all have quite a few services that they offer their clients. In addition to regular cleaning, many cleaning services offer an option that is known as special cleaning.

Special cleaning is a service offered by cleaning businesses that are used in conjunction with conventional cleaning to optimize the maintenance and quality of daily cleaning services.

What Does Special Cleaning Include?

While conventional cleaning is sufficient for daily upkeep, sometimes our homes or our office buildings need a little something extra to make them look their best for our families and our clients. This is where a service like special cleaning can be beneficial. However, if you are anything like me, you may not have been aware of this option, nor do you know what is included in special cleaning.

When it is used in conjunction with conventional cleaning, special cleaning can give your home or business the much-needed deep cleaning it deserves. According to Grandhaus, the following services are included in special cleaning:

  • Window cleaning
  • PVC, tile, laminate, and wood, including machine washing, waxing, oiling, and polishing
  • Deep cleaning of upholstery and carpets
  • Construction or redecoration cleanup
  • Venetian blind cleaning
  • Ventilation openings, tops of ceiling lights, and other elevated surfaces

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Why Should You Have Special Cleanings Done?

What is Special Cleaning in Housekeeping?Conventional, or regular, house cleaning is great for killing germs and bacteria on the surfaces with which your family comes into contact regularly. However, conventional cleaning may not eliminate all of the germs that are hidden within your home. When used with regular cleanings, special cleaning can help to eliminate the bacteria and germs that are in places you may not think of regularly.

Special cleaning also helps to rid your home of dirt that may be in areas that are not highly visible. Dirt is made up of many components, such as dead skin cells, sand, silt, and clay. I don’t know about you, but this is not something that I would want to be spread throughout my home or business. Hiring a professional cleaning business to give your home or office building a good, thorough special cleaning once a month is the best way to keep it clean when Incorporated with conventional daily cleanings.

How Can I Have A Special Cleaning Done?

If you already have a residential cleaning business or a commercial cleaning service come to your home or your office, you can ask them about their special cleaning options. Most cleaning services will offer conventional cleanings and deep cleanings. These cleaning services will usually recommend that you have a special cleaning done once per month. However, it is entirely your decision as to how often you want your home or office thoroughly cleaned.

Special cleanings can cost between $200 and $400 for a home if your cleaning service charges a flat rate. Hourly rates for special cleaning can be between $25 and $50 per hour, according to Home Advisor. Some cleaning services may charge by the square foot for a special cleaning. That rate will depend entirely on the cleaning business you use. If you own a commercial space such as an office building, the rates for a special cleaning will fluctuate slightly more. Special cleaning rates for a commercial space can vary between $20 and $80 per hour, with most businesses paying between $30 and $50 per hour.

What Are Some Precautions You Can Take Between Special Cleanings?

What is Special Cleaning in Housekeeping?Disinfecting everyday surfaces is one of the most important reasons for cleaning. While most professional cleaners include disinfection as part of the special cleaning process, the CDC has recommended the following steps for proper disinfecting of your home:

  • Clean areas that your family comes into contact with daily, and after each time you have visitors.
  • Focus most of your time on doorknobs, tables, handles, light switches, and countertops.
  • Use cleaning products that apply to the surface you are cleaning, and follow the instructions included in the package.
  • Clean visibly dirty surfaces with cleaning products that contain soap or detergents.


When used once per month in conjunction with conventional cleanings, special cleanings can offer your home or your office building an added sense of security, knowing that your business has been thoroughly cleaned. This process cleans many areas that are often ignored during regular daily cleanings, such as blinds, ventilation areas, upholstery, carpet, and many other areas. The rates for a special cleaning can be between $25 and $50 per hour for a residence and between $20 and $80 per hour for a commercial space such as an office building. Special cleanings are recommended for the overall safety and health of your family and your customers or clients. When you think about it, this is a small price to pay to have a safer, cleaner world to live in.

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What supplies and equipment do you need to start a cleaning business? If you are planning on starting a residential cleaning business, you can manage with a one-person operation. One of the first purchases you should make when you decide to start a residential cleaning business is a laptop, which can help you with billing and booking clients. Next, you should purchase a heavy-duty broom and a good mop with a mop bucket. Microfiber cloth or a good alternative to paper towels for cleaning. Finally, you will need to purchase cleaning supplies such as window cleaner, furniture polish, floor cleaners, disinfectants, and more.

Do you need insurance to start a cleaning business? There are a few things you will need to do before you start your cleaning business. The first thing that you will have to do is get a business license from your state or local government. You are not required by law to have insurance if you have a cleaning service. However, you might face some difficulty in getting new clients if your business is not insured. I would recommend carrying at least a good general liability policy if you are a one-person operation. If you employ other people, you will have to have unemployment insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance as well.


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