How to Create Your Cleaning Business Slogan (With Examples)

Sometimes the difference between gaining a customer and a missed opportunity is who the customer thinks of first. This is why it is important to have a slogan attached to your brand name and logo. This little phrase helps your potential customer reach into their memory and pull out your name instead of your competitor’s.

Follow these 7 easy steps to create a concise, catchy, and memorable slogan for your cleaning business:

  1. Keep your customer in mind
  2. Consistent branding
  3. Differentiate yourself
  4. Short & simple
  5. Mnemonic devices
  6. Ask for help
  7. Start broad then narrow down

What is a Slogan?

A slogan is a short phrase that is attached to your brand name and logo that helps your customers remember your business. We all recognize some of these classic slogans:

  • Nike – “Just do it”
  • M&M’s – “Melt in your mouth, not in your hand”
  • Wheaties – “The breakfast of champions”

All of these slogans stick with us even if we haven’t heard them since we were a child.

Ideally, a slogan should be no more than 8 words in order for your customer to recall it without much hassle. It should summarize your company’s values, beliefs, and benefits for your customer. Your slogan should also give your customer a clear understanding of what differentiates you from your competition, and why they should choose you.

You want your slogan to elicit an emotional response from your potential customer so it has a lasting impact and can be easily remembered.

Your slogan should be succinct, catchy, and memorable.

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Keep your customer in mind

Before you set out to create a catchy slogan that your customers will be singing in their heads for years to come, you need to do a little bit of brainstorming. Many businesses miss the mark with their slogan because they made something that they liked or that sounded good to them.

The first person you should think about when creating a slogan is your ideal customer and what their needs are. Consider things like your ideal customer’s:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Family size
  • Location
  • Pain points

Once you have this information you will have a clear understanding of what they will be most receptive to and what will immediately catch their eye.

Example 1:

Ideal customer – Busy, single young professionals living in a condo in a large city that don’t have time to clean because of their busy work schedule.

Slogan – “Come home to a clean home”

Example 2:

Ideal customer – Elderly married couples who need assistance cleaning their home and are looking for a friendly person who can clean their home while keeping them company.

Slogan – “Service with a smile”

Consistent Branding

Another important part of creating an effective slogan is to make sure it aligns with the rest of your branding and marketing message. An easy example of this is Kellogs Frosted Flakes. Their slogan “They’re Grrrrr-EAT!” wouldn’t make much sense if they didn’t have Tony the Tiger as their mascot.

For your cleaning business, this means keeping things consistent and directed toward your target audience.

Example 1:

Target audience – Commercial clients

Slogan – “Our business is making your business shine!”

Example 2:

Target audience – Residential clients

Slogan – “Your clean home is our business”

Differentiate Yourself

Once you know what your customer is looking for and have identified your overall brand, it is time to dive a little bit deeper and differentiate yourself from your competition. For this, you need to have a firm understanding of your cleaning business’s values, beliefs, and benefits, as well as what your local competition is doing.

Some things that can differentiate yourself from the competition:

  • Fast service
    • “Clean it fast, clean it right”
  • Friendly service
    • “Happy cleaners, happy customers”
  • Affordable rates
    • “Clean, affordable, professional”
  • Environmentally friendly
    • “Clean home, clean earth”
  • Specialized services
    • “Got mold?”
  • Personal touch
    • “Keep it clean with Kathy”
  • Guarantees
    • “You’ll love your house again, or your money back!”
  • Local service
    • “Boise’s best clean”

It can be difficult to choose one differentiating factor. If you are having trouble choosing, circle back to what is most important to your customer and what they are in need of.

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Short & Simple

Now that you have an idea of what content your slogan should include, it’s time to make it memorable for your customers. Keeping it short and simple seems… simple. However, this can be the most difficult part for some businesses. You have so many great things about your cleaning business that you want the world to know about! Unfortunately, that is not what the slogan is used for.

The slogan is meant to be an attention grabber and a memory tool. This is why short and simple is so critical. Let’s say you’re driving down the road and you see a car with a long sentence or paragraph in small font, such as:

“Here at Susie’s Cleaning we pride ourselves on keeping your house clean and leaving you happy and satisfied. Call us today!”

There are many problems with this:

  • It is difficult to read small font
  • It is difficult to read a lot of text
  • It is dangerous!
  • It is not memorable

A better option would be:

“Susie’s cleaning will sweep you away!”

While it is important to keep your slogan concise, don’t leave your customers wondering what it is you do or the services you provide.

Mnemonic Devices

Speaking of memory, a wonderful way to help your potential client remember your slogan is to include mnemonic devices such as rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration. Mnemonic devices are used to improve people’s ability to retrieve memories, so if at all possible, try to include them in your slogan.

For example:

  • Rhythm – “You name it, we clean it”
  • Rhyme – “We’ve got a lust for dust”
  • Alliteration – “Crazy consistent cleaning”

These devices can be useful for your slogan, but don’t get carried away and sacrifice the purpose behind your slogan for a silly rhyme. Make sure that everything still aligns with your customers needs, your branding, and your competitive advantages.

Ask for help

Even if you are a slogan-creating-wizard, it is best to reach out to people to bounce your ideas off of. You can do this in a number of ways. The best place to start is by asking friends, family, employees, and even customers, if you are at that point. Try to get people that aren’t interested in appeasing you, but will give you honest and critical feedback.

Another avenue for obtaining feedback is to reach out on social media. You can post on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit to receive feedback from people outside your inner circle. The advantage of reaching out online is that you will have a larger audience that is not as close to you, so they will be more likely to give you honest feedback and can offer different perspectives.

One more way to ask for help is to recruit the assistance of a robot. There are a number of slogan generators online that might not give you your exact slogan, but can be a very useful tool to get your brain churning. Some popular generators are:

Use a combination of all 3 resources to help you come up with a wide variety of names that you can then choose from.

Start broad, then narrow down

When you are in the beginning stages of developing a slogan, everything is fair game. Write every slogan that comes to mind down on a piece of paper. Even though some of these won’t come close to making the final cut, these throwaway slogans give you a library of slogan “pieces” that will eventually form your final masterpiece. The aim at this stage is quantity over quality. Ideally you would have a list of 50+ slogans before you start to narrow it down.

When you are cutting your list down to slogans that might actually make the cut, have a list of the most important criteria for you and your brand.

  • Customer needs
  • Brand
  • Competitive advantages
  • Short & Simple
  • Mnemonic Devices

When you have this checklist in front of you it will be easier to weed out the pretenders from the contenders. Once you have a shortlist of 3-5 slogans, take them back to your team to get feedback and narrow it down even further until you have your winning slogan.

Our Top 25 Cleaning Business Slogans

  1. Your home cleaned your way
  2. Our reputation is spotless
  3. Your weekends aren’t for housework
  4. We clean. A lot.
  5. We make your house spotless
  6. We are your key to clean
  7. Your clean home is our business
  8. Your home, cleaner
  9. Clean home, clean earth
  10. Naturally clean
  11. Come home to a clean home
  12. First-class cleaning services
  13. Professional cleaning with a personal touch
  14. One call cleans it all
  15. Clean house, happy house
  16. Call the scrub squad
  17. Clean your house, clear your mind
  18. Cleaning your worries away
  19. Consider it clean
  20. Expert house cleaning you can trust
  21. Fast, easy, clean
  22. Keep it clean
  23. Maid for you
  24. Quality service for quality customers
  25. Simply spotless

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my slogan include a list of services?

Your slogan should not include a list of your services. If you have a specialized cleaning company (mold removal, water damage, fire damage) then you can include that in your slogan, but a list is too long. You can put a list of your services in other marketing materials such as flyers and brochures.

I already have a slogan but want to change it, is this okay?

If you are a young business it is usually not a problem to switch your slogan. If you are an established business with a lot of customers, you may want to think twice about changing. We recommend getting some feedback from your customers, if a lot of them like your slogan and find it to be memorable you should probably keep it as-is.


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