Good Names for a House Cleaning Business

In business, a name can be a huge difference-maker and may ultimately influence how successful you are. That being said, here are some tips as to how to name your house cleaning business as well as some examples as to some good names! 

A good name for a home cleaning business should be catchy and should stick with your audience. It should also be unique enough for you to distinguish yourself in a busy market, but not too crazy that it might make customers wary of hiring you. 

Tips for Deciding the Name for Your Cleaning Business

Deciding the name for your cleaning business is in no way an easy task. It requires lots of time, dedication, creativity, and reflection as to what you want your business to be as well as what you want your name to represent. Because of how important the name for your business can be, selecting this name should not be something you take lightly. 

Instead, it should be something that you think over carefully, methodically, and deeply before you make your final decision. This might sound a bit intimidating, which it absolutely can be, but there are some things that you can do and some keys/tips you can follow that will make this process that much easier. 

Make your name sound friendly

Because your cleaning business is specially focused on cleaning people’s homes, you are going to have to come up with a name that makes people want to invite you into their homes. If you choose a name that sounds too industrial or too serious, you may lose some customers who are simply too intimidated by your name to hire you. 

Instead, you should focus on your home cleaning business that sounds much more friendly and kind. This will leave people more likely to hire you for your services which require them to invite you into your home.

Keep it simple 

No one is going to want to hire a cleaning business to come to clean their home if they can’t even pronounce their name. This means keeping your name fairly short and uncomplicated. In doing so, you are helping your business by seemingly being more appealing to customers. As a bonus, this may help with your advertising, as a shorter name fits better on business cards and billboards/signs! 

Include some aspect of your business

When creating your cleaning business and trying to establish yourself in the market, one of the most important things you can do is to make some aspect of your business unique. Of course, this is not something we will be going through in-depth here, but just know imagine that at this point, you have established something unique about your business. 

Your goal is going to be to take this thing that makes your particular cleaning business unique and to include it into your home cleaning business name. If you can do this effectively and make that unique aspect of your business present in your name, you will make your cleaning business’s name that much more memorable. 

Keep it catchy 

We’ve all heard those names of businesses that we can’t get out of our heads. Whether it’s because they rhyme or because they sound catchy for some other reason, the fact that we can’t keep them out of our head means that the name is doing its job. When naming your home cleaning business, you want to make your name so catchy that people can’t get it out of their head because that means they will constantly be thinking about you!

Have fun with it

This might seem a bit silly and out of place, but think about it, the name of your cleaning business is something you are going to have to live with and think about for a very long time. 

Your business name is also going to represent you and your company. 

If you don’t like the name of your business, you are simply adding yet another stress onto the pile of what comes with starting a business. So when deciding the name for your cleaning business, you should spend some time thinking about it to make sure that whatever you land on is something you are happy with. 

You also have some fun with naming your business, it shouldn’t be a chore that you have to force yourself through. In the end, you will end up with a business name that you are much happier with than you would have been had you simply settled. 

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Example Names for a Home Cleaning Business 

Now that we have spent some time going over some tips on how to name your cleaning business, it’s only reasonable that we spend some time going over examples of names for home cleaning businesses. 

Side note, it’s very possibly and likely that some of these names are already taken for other businesses. Thus, we don’t recommend that you take and use these names directly, rather than use these names for inspiration to come up with your own. 

However, if you do want to use one of the names included in this list, the best thing you can do is research the name to see if it’s already taken and whether or not it is trademarked/copyrighted. From there, you can do as you please, but just remember that these are examples!

101 Example Names for a Home Cleaning Business

  1. Jon and Rons Cleaning Crew 
  2. Two Men and a Mop 
  3. The Dirt and Dust Destroyers 
  4. Low Scrub Cleaning Service
  5. Soap and Suds Incorporated 
  6. The Cleaning Collective Company 
  7. They Call Us Cleaners Co.
  8. Carpets, Couches, and Counters Cleaning Service
  9. The Deep Clean Collective
  10. Disinfecting Cleaning Services Company 
  11. The Squeaky Clean Cleaners 
  12. The Green Team Cleaning Services
  13. Maid For Your Home Cleaning 
  14. Executive Pro Cleaning Co. 
  15. Cleaning With A Meaning
  16. Dust to Shine
  17. Happy House Cleaners 
  18. Snow White’s Dwarves Cleaning Service 
  19. Clean Cut Cleaning 
  20. Washed Up Cleaning Services 
  21. You’ve Got Maids Cleaning 
  22. Rags to Riches Cleaning Service 
  23. Broom With a Purpose Cleaning
  24. The Home Cleaning Fairy 
  25. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub Cleaning Service
  26. Home Cleaners With a Smile
  27. Magic Rags Cleaning 
  28. Night owl cleaning co. 
  29. Sweet and Discreet Main Cleaning Services 
  30. Home Detailed Cleaning Services 
  31. Five Star Home Cleaners
  32. The Deep Clean Home Service Crew 
  33. The Clean Dream Team 
  34. A Sparkle Home Cleaning Service 
  35. Dirtbusters cleaning services 
  36. Pristine Home Cleaning Services 
  37. Wall-to-Wall Cleaners 
  38. Clean Machines Home Cleaning Services 
  39. Superior Home Cleaning Services
  40. The Razzle-Dazzle Home Cleaning Services
  41. The Ace of Maids Home Cleaning Services 
  42. Down and Dirty Home Cleaning Services
  43. Fairy Godmother Cleaning Co. 
  44. Two Gals and A Mop Cleaning
  45. Extreme Clean oHme Cleaning Co. 
  46. Immaculate Housekeeping 
  47. The Clean Thumb Maid Service. 
  48. Glean and Glisten Cleaning
  49. Home Sweet Home Cleaners
  50. AAA Cleaning Pros
  51. Nooks and Crannies Home Cleaners 
  52. Cleaning With A Meaning 
  53. The Dust Fairies 
  54. Specialist Cleaning Services 
  55. Floor to Ceiling Cleaning
  56. Your Helping Hands Cleaning
  57. Maid You Smile Cleaning
  58. Eco Angels Home Cleaning
  59. The Grease Busters
  60. 360 Degree Clean
  61. Tidy Guys Cleaning Service 
  62. The Grime Busters Home Cleaning 
  63. Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning 
  64. One-Stop Home Cleaning Service
  65. The Maid Did It! Home Cleaning Services
  66. A To Z Home Cleaners 
  67. Happy Home Cleaning Services 
  68. Two Women With a Solution 
  69. The Disinfecting Doctor 
  70. Make It Happen Cleaning 
  71. Helping Hands Housekeeping 
  72. Shine and Sparkle Home Cleaning Co. 
  73. The Mopters 
  74. Advantage Home Cleaning
  75. Mother Knows Best Cleaning
  76. Road Runner Carpet Care 
  77. No More Chores 
  78. Spring Fresh Cleaning Services 
  79. Shiny Reflection Cleaning Company 
  80. The Dependable Cleaners Co. 
  81. Pixie Dust Cleaners 
  82. Just In Time Maid Services
  83. A Deeper Clean Maid Service 
  84. Clean Home Cleaners
  85. Blue Sky Cleaning 
  86. Crystal Clear Cleaners
  87. Clutter-Free Cleaning Services 
  88. Broom Your Room Cleaning
  89. Shine Again 
  90. Royal Maid Cleaning Services 
  91. Completely Clean Maid Service
  92. Maid To Order Cleaning 
  93. The Ray Tag Clean Team 
  94. Blue Ribbon Cleaners 
  95. Let Us Do the Cleaning 
  96. Dust Be Gone Maid Cleaning 
  97. A Touch of Elegance Cleaning Service 
  98. Lemon Fresh Cleaning 
  99. True Blue Cleaning
  100. Ambition Cleaning
  101. True Shine Cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between a home cleaning business and a commercial cleaning business? 

The main difference between the two types of cleaning businesses is what type of customers they serve. A home cleaning business is quite obviously going to focus on home cleaning, whereas a commercial cleaning business is going to focus on cleaning commercial buildings. This difference between the two creates a large number of other differences including how they advertise, the equipment they use, and the experience of those who work there. 

Does your business have to have a slogan? 

In all reality, no, your business is not at all required to have a slogan. However, just because you aren’t required to have one does not at all mean that you shouldn’t have one. Slogans can make your business so much more memorable to those who hear them, especially when that slogan is catchy and has some connection with the name of your business. Think of how many different businesses you know of whose slogan is the first thing that pops into your head. These slogans are what distinguish businesses from one another, so while you are not required to have one, having one can greatly benefit you.

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