Ten Catchy Cleaning Service Slogans That Convert

When you think of a particular business, you usually associate that business with its slogan. A slogan is a phrase, or a short set of words, that a business uses to embed its message into the memories of potential clients. Slogans are usually catchy and can lend themselves to the success of your business. However, some of the most effective slogans are those that can convert potential customers into current clients.

Here are ten slogans that can be used to effectively convert people into customers for your cleaning service:

  1. Excellence is our habit.
  2. Our cleaners can turn the old into new again.
  3. Choose the best. Leave the rest.
  4. A personal touch proves our professionalism.
  5. The unmatched cleaning value you are looking for.
  6. We are here for a reason. We are here to clean.
  7. One call. That’s all.
  8. A touch of perfection you deserve.
  9. We’ve got your cleaning needs covered.
  10. When you need the best, don’t settle for less.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the thought process that goes into developing and implementing a slogan for your cleaning business. We will also examine the characteristics that are involved with making your cleaning service’s slogan effective enough to convert potential customers into current customers.

Make It Short

The first rule of creating a great slogan for your cleaning business is to keep your slogan short, and to the point. The average person is only capable of memorizing up to seven characters at a time. You want potential customers to remember your slogan. That is the identity of your cleaning business, and it is what customers will most often associate with your cleaning service. This is why keeping your slogan concise is one of the most important factors in creating a business slogan.

One trait that you can use to your advantage if you want to keep your slogan short and simple is to break it up into two short sentences. A great example of this in action is found in the slogan ‘Relax. We’ve got your cleaning needs covered.This is a perfect example of how you can make your clients feel confident that they have made the right decision by keeping your slogan short, simple, and to the point. The message is broken up into two very short statements, which it’s also an effective tactic when creating a slogan for your cleaning service.

There is something that can be said about simplicity. When you can keep things simple, it conveys a message of confidence to your customers. Keeping your slogan simple shows that you do not need an extensive, wordy slogan. It also subliminally plants an idea into the minds of your potential clients that you have a knack for getting down to business, which shows them that you have consideration and respect for their schedules.

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Make It Memorable

The entire point of a slogan is to embed itself into the memory of potential customers. Your slogan has to be as memorable as possible if you want customers to think of you when they need a cleaning service. One way to make your cleaning business’s slogan memorable is to make it rhyme. People are far more likely to remember something if they can associate it with a rhyming scheme. That’s why you see slogans such as “One call. That’s all” in many businesses.

Perhaps a perfect example of making your slogan memorable by using a rhyming scheme can be found in the example “Choose the best. Leave the rest.” This is a prime example of how you can use rhyming while keeping your slogan concise. Another aspect of making your cleaning service’s slogan memorable is to keep your syllable count down. We’ve already discussed how people tend to forget anything longer than seven items. If you want customers to keep your cleaning service in mind, keep the syllable count down.

Yet another way that you can keep the slogan for your cleaning service memorable is to use it in conjunction with music to form a jingle. I don’t know about you, but when I think back to my childhood, I will always think of the commercials that used jingles. The commercial for Rosenberg’s immediately comes to mind. What are some of your favorite commercials or jingles from your childhood? What made them memorable or special to you? Once you have the answer to these questions, you can adapt the perfect slogan for your cleaning business.

Use Keywords or Phrases

A good slogan for a cleaning business must incorporate the use of specific keywords or phrases that will implant the idea of cleanliness into the minds of their future customers. For cleaning service, you will want to remember to use words such as expert, professional, or excellence in your slogan. One specific example of using some of these keywords in your cleaning service’s slogan is “A personal touch proves our professionalism.”

Sometimes you can combine several of these aspects to create the perfect slogan for your cleaning service. A great example of using a rhyme scheme to make your slogan memorable, while also using keywords or phrases that customers can identify with, is found in the slogan “When you need the best, don’t settle for less.” Customers like to see phrases in your slogan that are indicative of you being at the top of your profession. Nobody wants to hire an adequate cleaning service. Everybody wants to hire the best.

I will be the first to admit that it can be somewhat tricky to create a catchy slogan that uses specific keywords or phrases. However, some keywords translate from one task to another, without having to change your wording. These concepts are universal, and are perfect for converting people into new clients. That’s why I would suggest sticking with words like professional, expert, and excellence. These words not only convey that you are at the peak of your game, but they are universal as well.

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Have a Purpose

One of the most often overlooked aspects of your cleaning service’s slogan is that it must clearly state the purpose of your business. While this may initially seem like it is similar to using keywords or phrases, it is slightly different. Potential customers like to see words that they can associate with getting the best possible value for their money in your slogan. This is why a perfect example of having a purpose in your cleaning service’s slogan is “The unmatched cleaning value you are looking for.”

As you can see, this slogan uses the word value. Your client wants to be sure that you are providing them with the most bang for their buck. Another purpose that your slogan can convey to your customers is accuracy. Customers want to be sure that your cleaning service is the right choice for them. When it comes to your clients, they sometimes need to have their choices validated. A great example of this can be found in the slogan “When you need it done right the first time.”

Perhaps one of the hardest tricks to creating a slogan for your cleaning service is to ensure that it has a purpose. However, this is possibly the most important aspect of your slogan as it pertains to acquiring new customers. The purpose of your cleaning service is to clean homes or offices. Be sure that your slogan conveys that message. How else are you going to win people over, gaining their confidence? You need to convert potential customers into current customers. This will help you accomplish that.


Several factors go into writing a good business slogan. Some of these factors include making your cleaning business Logan short to keep the attention of your customer; making your slogan memorable to embed your business into the memory of potential clients; using keywords or phrases that customers can identify with, and ensuring that you’re slowing has a purpose. The best business slogans are those that have the potential to gain new customers for your cleaning service. If you keep these things in mind, I do not doubt that you will be able to come up with the perfect slogan for your cleaning service that will have customers lining up outside your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire an advertising agency to help me market my cleaning service?

There are many agencies available that can help to create an effective marketing strategy for your cleaning business. However, whether or not you choose to hire one of these agencies will depend solely on your marketing budget, which was outlined in your operational expenses. If you are a business owner that wants a professional touch, hiring an advertising agency may be a great idea. If you are a do-it-yourself business owner, there are several tools that are available for you to use that will help you to develop your own marketing strategy.

How much of my operating expenses should be allocated to my marketing budget?

While each business may be slightly different, the United States Small Business Administration has a recommended guideline of how much a business should allocate to their marketing expenses. That figure comes out to anywhere between seven and eight percent of your business’s net revenue. However, that number is not set in stone. If you are an established business, you may not need to allocate as much to your marketing expenses as when you were a new business.

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