Funny and Memorable Names for Your Cleaning Business: A How-To Tutorial

Having a memorable, funny name for your cleaning business can help you stand out in the crowded competition. Clown around too much with a silly name, and people won’t take your cleaning business seriously.

A funny and memorable name for your cleaning business will significantly impact the customer’s memory when paired with a clever, coordinating motto. Mimicking the name of a popular television show is one way to make a cleaning business name easier to remember. Grime Scene Investigation Team — Scouring Homes to Preserve Health sounds like a cleaning business that means business.

Generating a clever name for your cleaning business that people won’t forget takes a little research and some creative brainstorming. Choosing the perfect cleaning business name is an essential factor in your success. A bit of extra time plotting the right business name will make other aspects like marketing and social media presence a sweeping success.

How Names Are Formed

Finding inspiration for a cleaning business name begins with looking at what names are already in use. Searching through the names of the local cleaning businesses will help spark ideas and eliminate duplication. No one wants the painful feeling that comes from falling in love with a great cleaning business name idea only to discover it’s already taken.

Take note of what the cleaning business names have in common. Also, pay attention to what makes each business name different. Write down what you like and dislike about the names to guide your cleaning business name creation process.

One handy tool when brainstorming ideas for your cleaning business name is a thesaurus. We tend to get stuck in a repetitive loop of using the exact old familiar vocabulary words. Expand your jargon with a list of alternative versions of your standard phraseology, and you may find new ways to use old words.

Using a thesaurus, you can find different words that share the same meaning but paint a slightly different picture. Language arts is so expansive because of how many places American English has roots. Nearly every adjective, noun, and adverb have an array of alternate identities.

Let’s look at an example of this alternative vocabulary brainstorming method using the familiar cleaning business name Merry Maids. With the help of an online thesaurus, we can get the following word lists:

You will begin to see word combinations that make perfect names for a similar cleaning business but has a little more flair.

  • Cheerful Chambermaid Housekeeping
  • Fun-loving Damsels Cleaning Company
  • Lively Maidservants Incorporated
  • Grooving Help House Cleaners

After creating these lists, you can mix and match different pairings to see on paper. Be sure to give them a try verbally to see how they sound out loud. A cleaning business name needs to be easy to read and pronounce.

  • Cheerful Help Cleaning Services
  • Fun-loving Maidservants Crew
  • Grooving Damsels Housekeeping

Not all vocabulary groupings will sound good to the ears. Others may not be memorable or clear as to what they mean. It’s ok to get creative with words but don’t get so far out of touch people need a dictionary to figure out what you do.

Here is another example using the name of a local business in the Miami area: Clean & Fresh Cleaning Service. 

  • Elegant & Restored Home Tidying Company
  • Spotless & Sparkling House Purification Business
  • Flawless & Crisp Catharsis Housekeeping Assistance

Turn of Phrase with a Twist Names

Inventing a clever name for your cleaning business can be as easy as altering a typical phrase into something new. A turn of phrase is a group of words that, when used together, create a specific meaning. It’s an artistic expression of vocabulary that is designed to be more memorable.

Bottoms up is a turn of phrase that means to tip up your glass and take a drink. Legend says it got its start in the days when English sailors received a gold coin for joining the navy. Some believe the expression came from the sailors lifting their glass high, looking for the coin before drinking to ensure no one had dropped the dreaded navy bribe into their pint.

When used with a catchy jingle, this old-time turn of phrase can be given a new lease on life and an unexpected purpose. This well-known cheerful greeting can be transformed into a whimsical cleaning business name. The resulting name and jingle could look something like this: Bottoms Up Cleaning Crew — when the party’s over, we restore order.

Another popular expression that can be spun into a funny cleaning business name is the turn of phrase ace of spades. While it holds a few different meanings, the most common understanding of the ace of spades is that it is the highest value card in the deck. So it stands to reason that using the name Ace of Maids may instill the idea of being the best maid service in town.

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Slight Change of Phrase

Charles Caleb Colton once wrote that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It meant that when someone copied what you were doing, it was out of admiration. Oscar Wilde took the proverb a step further when he quipped; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can give to greatness. Essentially saying that copycats are average versions when compared to the original.

Imitating the name of one thing to represent something entirely different can be a treasure trove of excellent cleaning business ideas. Modern-day copyrights and trademarks make it necessary to be cautious of being too similar. Companies are not flattered by an imposter business using their great idea for their benefit.

Inspiration for a funny and memorable name for your cleaning business can come from anywhere. A classic phrase from Disney’s Cinderella can be tweaked just enough to make it different but still recognized. Add whimsy to a cleaning business name with Bibbidy Moppity Broom Home Cleaning –wish no more, your mess is our chore.

Perhaps your cleaning business will specialize in treating carpet stains, and you want a name that stands out. You can take something familiar like Aladdin and his flying carpet to bring enchantment to the life of your company. In that case, why not go with something on the side of silly: Al & Dan’s Magic Carpet Cleaning — we make spots disappear.

More Than a Name

Choosing a funny and memorable name for your cleaning business establishes your company’s personality. Every aspect of your cleaning business is a reflection of the company’s public image. As such, the name you choose will influence your logo, brand colors, and marketing campaigns.

The name of your cleaning business needs to express who you are and what you do quickly. It must speak the language of the demographic your cleaning business will serve. Your cleaning business name is the first impression a new client gets of your company.

Determining the right name for your cleaning business takes into consideration several factors. Your location of service will play a role in the name game. Within the United States, there are many languages spoken and regional dialects that affect word usage in both meaning and pronunciation. 

What might be funny in one part of the country may not be as comical somewhere else. Accents and the way people say common words may result in pronunciation mishaps. Regional dialects that speak slightly different languages may not get the pun of your cleaning business name if it uses unfamiliar terms.

Your cleaning business is an extension of yourself and what you stand for. Determine what makes you passionate about cleaning and why you want to start a cleaning business. What about it brings you joy and satisfaction?

Think about what you want your cleaning business to become in the future. What role will it play in the community in which you work? How do you want to make a difference in the lives of the clients you serve?

Take time to answer these questions. They will guide your success by helping you to build from a strong foundation. The answers to these questions can help you create a cleaning business name that stands behind its word.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to obtain permission to use a name I created for my cleaning business?

You will need to register your cleaning business with the state agency that handles small businesses in most cases. It may be through the office of your Secretary of State, or it may be a business bureau or agency that handles the paperwork. For example, in the state of Florida, businesses are registered with the State Department’s Division of Corporations.

Are there any fees associated with registering a cleaning business with the state?

Every state has its requirements and regulations associated with establishing a cleaning business. Some may have little to no cost associated with registration, while others may have several fees. Choosing to become an LLC will undoubtedly result in additional expenses when registering your company with the state in which you live.

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