How to Market Cleaning Services to Realtors?

When you are starting up a cleaning business, you may think about selling to homeowners, but there is another market you can tap: real estate agents. One of the major perks about reaching out to agents is their wide range of influence. Real estate agents are the face of selling homes. They meet new homeowners … Read more

How to Get Cleaning Contracts with Schools?

When looking for a new cleaning contract, schools are a great option. They need to be cleaned almost daily, even when school is not in session, and cleanliness is essential to the staff, students, and parents. There are some steps everyone should follow if they wish to get a cleaning contract with schools.  No matter … Read more

Cleaning Large Office Buildings: How I Plan My Day

According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), office buildings are getting more significant. Buildings constructed before 1960 average approximately 12,000 square feet, while buildings constructed between 1960 and 1999 increased in size to 16,300 square feet. Office buildings erected after the year 2000 average a much bigger 19,000 square feet. This can make … Read more