Setting Up Shop: Must-Have Supplies for Your House Cleaning Venture

Starting a house cleaning business can be a lucrative and fulfilling venture. Whether you’re launching a solo operation or building a team, having the right supplies is crucial for delivering quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Supplies needed for a house cleaning business are cleaning agents (all-purpose, glass, bathroom, kitchen), equipment (vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, mop), safety gear (gloves, face masks, safety glasses), and organizational tools (cleaning caddy, storage bins, scheduling software). Efficiently equipped, your business will thrive!

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents form the backbone of any house cleaning business. These products effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains, ensuring a sparkling and sanitary environment for your clients. Here are some essential cleaning agents you should consider:

All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is a versatile and indispensable supply for a house cleaning business. This multipurpose product can be used on various surfaces, including countertops, floors, and appliances. Look for an all-purpose cleaner that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, ensuring the safety of both your clients and the environment.

It should effectively cut through grease, grime, and dirt, leaving surfaces clean and residue-free. By having a high-quality all-purpose cleaner in your inventory, you can efficiently tackle different cleaning tasks with ease and provide exceptional results to your clients.

Glass Cleaner

A quality glass cleaner is a must-have for achieving streak-free and crystal-clear windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. When choosing a glass cleaner, opt for one that is specifically formulated for glass cleaning and is ammonia-free. Ammonia can produce strong odors and may cause damage to sensitive surfaces. Look for a glass cleaner that effectively removes fingerprints, smudges, and other marks while leaving surfaces sparkling clean. With a reliable glass cleaner at your disposal, you can ensure that your clients’ glass surfaces shine brightly, enhancing the overall cleanliness and appearance of their spaces.

Bathroom Cleaner

A reliable bathroom cleaner is essential for tackling the unique challenges of cleaning bathrooms. Soap scum, hard water stains, and grime can build up in these spaces, requiring a specialized cleaning solution. Invest in a quality bathroom cleaner that not only cleans but also disinfects and deodorizes. It should be safe for various bathroom surfaces such as tiles, sinks, and toilets.

Look for a cleaner that effectively removes tough stains, eliminates bacteria and germs, and leaves a fresh and pleasant scent. With a reliable bathroom cleaner in your arsenal, you can ensure that your clients’ bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned and hygienic, providing them with a clean and inviting environment.

Kitchen Cleaner

The kitchen is a bustling hub where cooking and food preparation take place, making it susceptible to spills, stains, and greasy residue. A powerful kitchen cleaner is essential for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Look for a kitchen cleaner specifically designed to tackle grease and grime effectively. It should be capable of sanitizing countertops, cutting through tough stains, and efficiently cleaning appliances such as stovetops, ovens, and refrigerators.

Ensure that the kitchen cleaner is safe for use on various kitchen surfaces, including stainless steel, laminate, and ceramic. By having a reliable kitchen cleaner in your supplies, you can ensure that your clients’ kitchens remain spotless, germ-free, and a joy to cook in.

Floor Cleaner

Different types of flooring require specific cleaning solutions to preserve their appearance and longevity. Whether you’re cleaning hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl floors, it’s crucial to choose a floor cleaner that is compatible with the specific flooring materials. Look for a floor cleaner that is formulated to effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains without causing damage.

It should provide a streak-free finish and leave the floors looking clean and revitalized. Consider the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for usage to ensure optimal results. By using the appropriate floor cleaner for each type of flooring, you can maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your clients’ floors, enhancing the overall appeal of their living spaces.

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Alongside cleaning agents, investing in the right equipment is crucial for efficient and thorough cleaning. Here are some essential equipment items you should have in your house cleaning arsenal:

Vacuum Cleaner

A high-quality vacuum cleaner is an indispensable tool for any house cleaning business. Look for a versatile vacuum that is capable of handling both carpets and hard floors. Adjustable settings and attachments, such as crevice tools and upholstery brushes, enable you to reach tight corners, edges, and furniture. Opt for a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power to effectively remove dirt, debris, and pet hair from various surfaces.

Consider features like HEPA filtration to maintain indoor air quality. By investing in a reliable vacuum cleaner, you can ensure thorough cleaning and leave your clients’ carpets and floors looking pristine.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cloths are essential supplies for dusting, wiping, and polishing a wide range of surfaces. Their unique properties make them highly effective in capturing dust particles and leaving surfaces streak-free. These cloths are gentle and non-abrasive, making them suitable for delicate surfaces like glass, stainless steel, and electronics. Their high absorbency allows them to soak up spills and moisture efficiently. Consider using color-coded microfiber cloths to prevent cross-contamination between different areas or tasks. With their versatility and superior cleaning performance, microfiber cloths are a must-have for achieving sparkling and spotless results in your house cleaning business.

Mop and Bucket

A reliable mop and bucket set is essential for efficient floor cleaning. Look for a sturdy mop with a reusable and washable mop head, which not only reduces waste but also ensures cost-effectiveness in the long run. Consider a bucket with separate compartments for clean and dirty water, allowing you to maintain hygiene during the cleaning process. This helps prevent spreading dirt and contaminants from one area to another.

Adjustable mop handles or telescopic poles provide comfort and convenience while cleaning different floor surfaces. By investing in a high-quality mop and bucket set, you can achieve thorough and effective floor cleaning, leaving your clients’ floors spotless and gleaming.

Scrub Brushes

Scrub brushes are indispensable tools for addressing stubborn stains, grime, and hard-to-reach areas in a house cleaning business. Having a range of scrub brushes with different sizes and bristle strengths allows you to tackle various cleaning challenges effectively. Nylon or natural bristle brushes are commonly used as they are durable and suitable for most surfaces without causing damage.

Smaller brushes with stiff bristles can be used for scrubbing grout lines and removing tough stains, while larger brushes are ideal for larger surface areas. By incorporating scrub brushes into your supplies, you can achieve deep cleaning and restore the cleanliness of heavily soiled areas, ensuring exceptional results for your clients.

Extension Poles

Extension poles are invaluable tools that provide reach and flexibility when cleaning high or hard-to-access areas. They enable you to safely clean high ceilings, ceiling fans, light fixtures, tall windows, and other elevated surfaces. Extension poles typically feature telescopic or extendable designs, allowing you to adjust the length as needed.

With the ability to attach various cleaning tools such as dusters, brushes, or squeegees to the end of the pole, you can effectively remove dust, cobwebs, or grime from elevated surfaces without the need for ladders or risking injury. Extension poles enhance your efficiency, ensuring thorough cleaning in both residential and commercial spaces.

Safety Gear

Safety should always be a top priority in any cleaning business. Proper protective gear will ensure the well-being of both you and your team. Here are some essential safety items to consider:


When running a house cleaning business, investing in durable gloves is essential to protect your hands from chemicals, hot water, and potential allergens. Nitrile or latex gloves are commonly used due to their durability, flexibility, and sensitivity. These gloves provide a barrier between your skin and cleaning agents, ensuring safety and preventing skin irritation. Choose gloves that fit comfortably and offer a good grip to enhance dexterity during cleaning tasks. By wearing gloves, you not only protect yourself but also maintain a professional image and show your commitment to safety and hygiene.

Face Masks

In environments where airborne particles or strong odors are present, wearing face masks is crucial for personal protection. Choose masks that provide adequate filtration, such as N95 or equivalent, to protect against dust, allergens, and harsh cleaning fumes. The masks should fit securely over your nose and mouth, ensuring proper coverage. Opt for masks with a comfortable and breathable design to support prolonged wear during cleaning sessions. Face masks not only protect you from potential respiratory hazards but also demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a clean and safe working environment for both yourself and your clients.

Safety Glasses

Protecting your eyes from potential hazards is paramount in a house cleaning business. Safety glasses shield your eyes from chemicals, flying debris, or splashes that can cause injury. Look for glasses with anti-fog and scratch-resistant properties to ensure clear vision and long-lasting use. Choose safety glasses that fit comfortably and securely without obstructing your peripheral vision. By wearing safety glasses, you reduce the risk of eye injuries and demonstrate a commitment to safety and professionalism in your cleaning business.

Non-Slip Shoes

Non-slip footwear is essential for preventing accidents and maintaining stability on wet or slippery surfaces. Invest in sturdy, closed-toe shoes with non-slip soles to reduce the risk of falls during cleaning tasks. These shoes are designed with slip-resistant materials and patterns that provide traction and grip on various surfaces. Look for footwear that offers comfort, support, and durability to withstand the demands of your cleaning business. By wearing non-slip shoes, you prioritize the safety of yourself and your team, ensuring a secure and accident-free working environment.

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Organizational Tools

Efficiency and organization are key to running a successful house cleaning business. Utilize the following organizational tools to streamline your operations:

Cleaning Caddy

A cleaning caddy is a portable and essential organizational tool for a house cleaning business. Look for a caddy with compartments, dividers, and pockets to keep your cleaning supplies, such as cleaning agents, cloths, brushes, and sponges, well-organized and easily accessible. Having a dedicated caddy allows you to carry your supplies conveniently from one job to another, reducing the need for multiple trips or searching for items. By keeping your supplies organized in a cleaning caddy, you can save time and enhance efficiency during cleaning tasks, ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Storage Bins and Shelving

Organizing your equipment and supplies in storage bins or shelves is essential for minimizing clutter and improving accessibility. Invest in storage bins that are durable and stackable, allowing you to efficiently store and transport your supplies. Label each bin or shelf to easily identify and locate specific items when needed, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow. By maintaining an organized storage system, you can save time searching for supplies, reduce the risk of misplacing items, and maintain a clean and professional image for your house cleaning business.

Cleaning Checklist

Maintaining a cleaning checklist is a valuable practice that ensures consistency and helps you stay organized during each cleaning session. Create a checklist tailored to each client’s specific requirements, encompassing all the tasks that need to be completed during each visit. By following a checklist, you can ensure that no task is overlooked, maintain a consistent level of service, and meet your clients’ expectations.

A cleaning checklist also serves as a reference point for quality control and can be used to track completed tasks. By using a checklist, you provide a systematic and thorough approach to your cleaning services, enhancing customer satisfaction and the overall efficiency of your business.

Scheduling and Invoicing Software

Investing in scheduling and invoicing software is a wise decision for managing appointments, tracking payments, and generating invoices seamlessly. This digital solution saves time, reduces administrative errors, and enhances the overall professionalism of your house cleaning business. With scheduling software, you can efficiently manage your appointments, assign tasks, and track your team’s schedules if applicable.

Invoicing software allows you to generate and send professional invoices to your clients, ensuring timely and accurate payment tracking. These software solutions often offer features like customer management, payment reminders, and reporting, enabling you to streamline your business operations and focus more on providing exceptional cleaning services.


Equipping your house cleaning business with the right supplies is essential for delivering quality service and establishing a strong reputation. By investing in cleaning agents, equipment, safety gear, and organizational tools, you can ensure efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Remember, providing excellent cleaning results goes hand in hand with professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail. With the right supplies in your arsenal, your house cleaning business is poised for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to label storage bins and shelves for a house cleaning business?

Yes, labeling storage bins and shelves allows for easy organization and quick access to specific cleaning supplies.

Can scheduling and invoicing software be beneficial for a house cleaning business?

Yes, scheduling and invoicing software streamlines appointment management, tracks payments, and enhances overall professionalism.

How can using the right supplies benefit a house cleaning business?

Using the right supplies ensures efficient cleaning, customer satisfaction, and establishes a strong reputation for your business.

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