How to Ensure a High Success Rate for Your Cleaning Business?

How high the success rate is for your cleaning business depends entirely on you. Use a combination of quality products, putting your name out there, and treating your costumers right, and you will achieve this with no problem. When thinking about starting your cleaning business make sure to consider all factors, as low-quality work and high prices may result in a lower success rate.

Here are the ways to ensure you have a high success rate for your cleaning business.

  1. Make a list of the things you will need to start your cleaning business and buy quality products.
  2. Communicate with your customers.
  3. Offer fair prices. If your prices are too high customers may not contact you for services.
  4. Always offer the best service. You want to keep your customers happy, so give them a reason to want to keep using your business for their cleaning needs.
  5. Generate leads by advertising. Use many platforms including social media, a website, and traditional methods.

What you will need to start a successful cleaning business?

Make a budget, buy quality products! This is very important as buying low-quality products can make your life harder and can be bad overall for your health. Starting a cleaning business has a relatively low starting cost so this shouldn’t be a problem. Some of the basic things you will need are:

  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Vacuum with different attachments
  • Paper towels
  • Wood shine
  • All surface cleaners
  • Rags
  • Gloves
  • Garbage bags

If you are offering special services you will need to incorporate other items as well, including specific cleaning solutions and equipment. Let’s say you are offering services to a car dealership, you would need to purchase a cleaner that works on floor surfaces with things like oil and the chemicals they use. If you are cleaning a building like a doctor or dental office, you may need to include some extra safety materials like stronger cleaning solutions and protective wear. So keep that in mind.

Use safe products. When buying cleaning supplies try to avoid buying regular residential cleaners. These can be harmful to your health when used constantly throughout the day. You can find cleaners based on natural ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, and more if you or a client would prefer. There are many solutions to choose from. Do your research to pick what works best for your company.

Another thing to consider — look into any liability insurance and licenses you may need before starting your cleaning business. This can vary by state.

Communication is key when it comes to your cleaning business’s success.

Always communicate with your clients to ensure they are okay with the products you are using. Some may have an allergy or be sensitive to a cleaning solution you usually use. In that case, you will need to substitute it out. It will be better to figure this out before than after, and it also shows your client you pay attention to little details.

Everyone is different, so ask the client what they like and don’t like. One customer may love it when you do one thing and the next person may not. Ask your client exactly what time they would like services and special requests.

Communicate if there is an accident. If you or an employee accidentally breaks or damages something, always make sure to communicate that with your client. You can call or simply leave a note. Just make sure you do it right away. This is why you need to look into some sort of liability insurance, so if something like this happens you can handle it the correct way.

Get an idea about the average cleaning business rate by visiting our article here.

Offer fair prices

There are many factors when it comes to how much you should charge for cleaning services. These include the size of your home or business and how long it will take you. Find out what you will charge hourly, and factor in special request per customer.

Avoid having inconstant pricing. This can lead to many problems. If someone finds out they are being charged way more for the same services as someone else it may cause them to discontinue using your cleaning business. Having a consistent pricing list can also make it easier for you if a customer is trying to talk you down in price. Do not offer prices that are too low. You need to consider gas, supplies, and your time, which can add up. You don’t want to work for less than you’re worth, so having that list you can assure the customer that is your price and you are unable to fluctuate any pricing.

Call the cleaning business in your area to find out how much they are charging. Compare these prices to yours. You do not want to charge more for the same services as you will have trouble bringing in customers.

Generate new leads by advertising your cleaning business

Advertise using social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Add a special, a customer testimony, and maybe some things about your business and the services you provide. Many of these sites will allow you to “boost” your advertisement. This allows you to be able to control who exactly sees your business’s post. This includes the age, gender, and area you would like your potential customers to be.

Use incentives. An incentive is rewarding someone for doing something for you. An example of this would be to offer a free deep carpet for a referral. Not everyone is quick to refer a business, and adding incentives will be the most successful way to get your name out there. Incentives will be included in most of your advertising.

Have an effective website. A website can bring in more leads and make your business easily accessible to your customers. If you get stressed at the thought of making a website that is easy to use and appealing to the eye, hire a web designer as the cost now will be worth it in the future.

Use traditional methods, like posting on your local bulletin board, which will also play a big part in generating new leads. Add the name of your business, your contact information, and the services you provide. You can add that if they mention the advertisement, they can use it to receive a free quote. This is a good way to incorporate incentives.

Offer the best services!

Always offer the best service. Quality work is how you can keep your customers happy and keep them coming back. Make sure to take your time and not miss anything. Producing quality work will only make things easier for you and your business.

As with any business, referrals and word of mouth play an important part. If you’ve been giving the best service a customer has seen, they are more likely to share your business with others. If a customer is happy with your services, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral or a good review.

Remember, even one bad review can affect your business’s reputation for a long time. It will steer customers away. If a customer has an issue, hear them out. They appreciate feeling like you care. If you can make up for this by ensuring the problem won’t happen again or by meeting in the middle, this will be better than having an unhappy customer. Make sure to keep your clients happy.

Hire Employees if the workload becomes too much

If you pick up numerous jobs and are stressed about having enough time, this may lead to bad service. If you find your clientele is starting to be a lot for one person to handle, consider hiring an employee or two. This gives you the freedom to bring on new clients while continuing to provide the best cleaning service possible. Put time into educating and training these employees to ensure they are giving quality service, and always answer any questions they may have.

You may have an employee who just fails to get the job done right, takes a large amount of time to get things done, or continues to have issues with customers or other employees. Even if that person is trying their best, it will not be worth keeping the employee. As a business owner, it is, unfortunately, necessary to be put in situations like having to fire someone. It can be hard, but remember — it’s for your business, and if you want to have a successful cleaning business, you must have efficient employees.

Stay motivated to ensure your cleaning business’s success!

When running any type of business, you need to make sure you are staying motivated. Remember this is a full-time job and you will need to work a lot, especially at the beginning. Setting goals and giving yourself rewards can help keep you on track. Have a specific working schedule and continue to give yourself a break throughout the day. If you use a combination of these tips and can stay motivated, I can assure you your cleaning business will be very successful!

To learn more on how to start your own cleaning business, check out my startup documents here.

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